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Saturday was such a long day: very busy and I stayed late to help some faculty. Scott had wanted us to go see some live Irish music at one of his favorite bars, but kind fellow that he is he let me just have pizza and movies on his futon. Sunday we meant to go scrounge at the Salvation Army for costume stuff but alas, the one we picked had shut down. So we ended up going to The Book Thing, which is this cool place where people can donate books and you can get as many as you want for free. We wandered a bit and I was hesitant what with the moving issue, but Scott said, "There's always room for another book! Besides, you can keep stuff at my place if you need to!" and I re-remembered why he is the most awesome guy in the world. So we left with a box of twelve books between us.

We had dinner at a great Japanese place, and then back to College Park for coffee and moving-logistics. The plan right now is to move on Friday, and then spend Sunday making everything all homey and relaxing and going to see Shakespeare.

So I've spent all of today errand-running and packing. I picked up some groceries, packed, ran to Target for more packing tape, and packed some more. However, I am now all through except for the clothes and things I'll need during the week and kitchen stuff, which can all be settled Friday morning. So go me!

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