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Busy Busy Busy

Saturday was a surprisingly long day: I honestly goofed off a lot as there were maybe ten people in the library all day (and of course three of them show up ten minutes 'til closing). Then I went to Baltimore to see Scott and we went to see King Lear at Centerstage and it was just awesome! Then on our way back Scott and I went to Ikea to look at furniture. I was largely unimpressed though: it mostly seemed overpriced for the quality, and I'm just going to wait and see. What I may do is just use my aerobed until I find something suitable...we'll see. Scott is also being singularly awesome and going to loan me his microwave and coffeemaker too. :D He says it's enlightened self-interest cos he's scared to eat my cooking, but he's just being cute and silly.

Okay I'll stop giving you guys cavities now.

Anyhow tomorrow is my day off and I'm going to spend it errand-running and finally starting to pack. Looking around at all my junk I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed, but intellectually I know it's just a matter of sitting down and getting started. Start with the closet, then hit the shelves, then the kitchen, then the bathroom. A plan? A plan.

Coming in tonight after spending the day with Scott I just got reminded of how much I dislike this place. No one talks to me or really cares, they make a mess of my bathroom, etc. It's all just stupid and annoying. It will be so amazing to finally be on my own, have a quiet place where I can do what I like, and everything. Any mess will be my own mess, which is a ridiculous thing to be so pleased with, no? But I am deeply excited.

The next few weeks will be very long. I'm starting my new work schedule this week which means I'll work until 9pm three nights a week and get home after 10pm. This makes me kind of uncomfortable in my area but hopefully I won't get killed in these last two weeks. (Aren't I cheery?) On the plus side no more getting up at 6am which thrills me.

So I guess that's all. I'm a real adult now, huh? Cool.

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