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Still Alive..

Barely. I've just been on the go at work all week, and my commute is a pain, and I'm still apartment hunting. I'm still settling in and getting to know things, and sometimes I get kind of overwhelmed, but I think/hope it's just a "second week" thing. You're not supposed to know everything about everything from the first, right? Right. Er, I hope.

Anyhow, my weekend plans: Saturday I'm working, and going to see an apartment in Woodley Park in the morning, then catching the train to Baltimore in the evening; Sunday Scott and I are going to Ren Fair and will hopefully get to see Carolynn and Eric and maybe even Jim. :D Monday and Tuesday I have off and if all goes well I may be spending those days packing and furniture shopping. *hope hope hope* *knock on wood*

In geek news: FINALLY got to start reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I haven't gotten far enough yet to judge whether its worth the four year wait, but well it's Gabaldon, y'know??

Oh, got an email from my Mom this morning. She's off on one of her trips and had just gotten back from a tour of "hidden Venice." She wrote how it was overcast and a lot of her pictures will be gray, and I wrote back that it was raining in Arlington also but Venice gray HAS to be better than Arlington gray. *sigh* I wish I could take a trip somewhere!

Okee, my brain is popping. Off to chill I go!

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