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Adventures in Metroing

Long weekend!!

So Friday I took the train up to Baltimore to see Scott. We had dinner at a nice Afghani place and bopped around the Baltimore Book Fair before going to the Symphony (don't we sound sophisticated! HA!!). They were playing Gershwin's "An American in Paris" and "Rhapsody in Blue" and part of Dvorak's "New World" thingie (the one I always say sounds like the LOTR soundtrack and then people get mad at me..). The conductor was a Russian guy named Yuri who looked JUST LIKE Bugs Bunny in the opera cartoon. You know, the guy keeps playing with his hair, and grimaces with his hands in the air...yeah. And the pianist did an encore of something he'd written. Look, I'm not a music person, so it was all lost on me, and well, it was hard sitting in the front row (yay rush tickets!) and wanting to fall asleep so bad but you, um, can't.

Then next morning we got up way early to go to the National Book Festival. And so of course, since they've been saying all week don't drive in DC cos the protest is blocking off everything, and there's a bajillion people on the trains, of course they're running single-track traffic on three lines. So by the time we got to the Festival we missed Diana Gabaldon's talk and all copies of her new book had been bought, but we had plenty of time to get in line for the noon signings. Scott took my paperback copy of Fiery Cross and got Diana to sign it for me (and got a picture taken!) and I got Meg Cabot to sign my copies of Twilight and Ready or Not. I told her I was a librarian who was so grateful for her books (they get teenagers to read! they talk about responsible sexual activity! they're funny as hell!) and she was so pleased with me she gave me one of her book club buttons she'd brought for members of her book club. Awesome! Anyhow afterwards Scott and I reconvened and he was like "Y'know, I thought you were weird for wanting to get in line so early, but that line got huge FAST!" Yup. Then we went to Neil Gaiman's talk--and now Scott naturally wants to read his books, yay!--and of course that was awesome. Then we strolled over to the Protest Shuffle (I'm sure they would've marched if there had been room, but as it was: shuffling, and standing in place a bit, and finally some actual movement eventually) and looked around. Then back to the Book Festival, where we sat in on various talks to kill time and get out of the ocassional drizzle, and finally heard Meg Cabot's talk which was hilarious. We finished up with a celebratory dinner at the Sky Terrace, where we got nice seats by luck at the end with a view, and had a great dinner and watched Men in Black doing something on the White House roof (seriously, no clue what they were doing, except possibly having a smoke...they didn't seem to concerned). Scott kept teasing me about how tired I looked, and when I talked to him today was like "Did you get to sleep in??" Thank God yes.

So today I went over to look at a shared condo in Pentagon City. Awesome area, right by the mall and everything. I'm going to call their office tomorrow and see if they have any studios or anything free in case the girl picks someone else for a roomie (there's five others interested, but really, who wouldn't want to live with me? don't answer ;)). And of course with said "track maintenance" I spent probably over three hours in the Metro today. Oy.

Anyhow: Five days 'til Serenity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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