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20 Random Things About Me

Cos I'm bored and felt like being tagged.

20. I can spend insane amounts of time browsing in bookshops.

19. My teddybear is imaginatively named Mr. Bear.

18. I wanna be just like Neil Gaiman when I grow up, but less stubbley.

17. I'm a horrible decision-maker and tend to freak out in the ice cream section of the grocery store.

16. I love pop culture criticism.

15. Going backwards is way easier than forwards.

14. I'm never sure what to say at parties.

13. I'm really obsessive-compulsive and can so tell when someone's been going through my books, food cabinet, etc.

12. I love rain and thunderstorms, even when I'm out in it.

11. When I was little I desperately wanted to be a mermaid so I could talk to fish.

10. I absolutely hate going to the doctor, but I'm such a hypochondriac I do anyway. (Seriously. When I was 12 I had convinced myself I had ebola before I realized I had gotten my period.)

9. I was one course short for getting a film minor.

8. Firefly was one of my most favorite tv shows ever, beating even Buffy and Angel. I saw the debut of "The Train Job" and the moment Mal said "We will rise again!" I knew it was the most awesome thing ever.

7. My most favorite books of all time are Mists of Avalon, Les Miserables, Outlander, and The Time Traveler's Wife.

6. I shamelessly enjoy everything I enjoy.

5. Strangely enough, I've never really done any RPGs that weren't made up by my friends.

4. I can sing most of the lyrics from Gigi.

3. I can't cook anything that doesn't come out of a box first.

2. I always fall in love hard and fast and then take absolute ages getting over it.

And the number one most random thing about me:

1. I really can't pick between apples and oranges. Please see number 17.

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