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I am so fucking tired of 9/11 porn. That's what it is, people seeking sick pleasure in going obsessively over the horrible deaths of strangers. I very much doubt that anyone who knew any people that died that day want to hear about it (except of course the ones who make a buck off their grieving, much in the style of Columbine parents), and while I am amazingly lucky in that both the guys I know that were in danger that day (Andrew used to work at the Pentagon, and his brother Eric is an NYC doctor who lives in downtown and spent over twelve hours treating rescuers) escaped unscathed, I don't want to hear about it either.

I saw it live on tv once, and that was enough. It's been four years, and I say be mindful and get over it.

I have no desire to look at pictures of people falling to their deaths. I have no desire to hear recordings of people asking for help, praying, or screaming. I do not want to hold a torch in one hand and a tv remote in the other and let those who are to blame shop for shoes (Condi Rice: Worse. Security. Advisor. EVER.).

So here's a thought: New Orleans/Katrina is one of the biggest catastrophes in history. Way more people died than on 9/11, way more environmental damage. So tell me, why do I have this feeling we aren't going to wank our rememberance of August 29, 2005 every year?

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