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Snivveling Weeny Bastards

Jessica Crispin gives an account of Jeffrey Eugenides, Stuart Dybeck, and James McManus all agreeing that books are irrelevant on today's Bookslut Blog. Um, right, books are totally irrelevant, that's why there's a bookstore on most city corners, Amazon is a mega-business, JK Rowling is richer than fucking Croesus, half of all films are (seemingly) adaptations of books (and what do most people say when walking out of them? "Y'know, that just wasn't as good as the book!").

People, get off your high horse and on the Metro at rush hour to watch everyone pull out their books and newspapers for the commute. We might not all be reading Shakespeare, though I see a fair number of studenty types who do, but we're all reading something.

Y'know what I see when I go to the library? Lines of people with books, lots of people every which way. Yes, at PUBLIC libraries as well as academic ones. Some people are there because they LIKE to be. Imagine that.

Also, what do they think most of us do while on the Internet, particularly during work hours when traffic is the highest? We're READING! News, blogs, and various associated word matter. Sure we read a lot of Bradgelina but we are looking at these little symbols known as "letters" and "words" and rearranging them into a cogent text we understand.

Try looking at the big picture. Tomorrow night people will watch Survivor Idol whatever, for an hour. Are they ever gonna watch that same hour again? No. You know what people do over and over again? They pick up a book they like. Repeated experiences are funny like that.

Yeah, there's a lot of media out there, but y'know what: cinema has yet to take the book out, television has yet to do it, Internet and whatever next--it won't happen. We might have electronic ones instead of paper one day, but it is Still. Fucking. Reading.


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Sep. 10th, 2005 12:42 am (UTC)
Well it's one thing if it's pundits with nothing better to do, but friggin' writers themselves? These guys make a living off writing for crying out loud (geez, how much do you think Eugenides made off the movie deal for "Virgin Suicides", plus the monetary rewards for his books, plus royalties, etc), and they're in a whole room of people who came just for them on a weeknight no less, and then they're like "We don't matter. Poor us. The rest of you are stupid." It just makes me want to burn effigies myself!!
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