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Stupid History Channel

Is it owned by Fox?? Tonight they have on a two hour documentary about "Roman Vice"--including the shocking--shocking! I say!--revelations that the ancient Romans read naughty books, gambled, ate too much, and had sex. (Where DID they think little Romans came from? just out of curiosity...) So then they spend ten minutes on a new discovery in Pompeii of these mosaics at a changing room in the bath displaying what the Romans considered taboo sexual practices--the idea apparently being you'd remember which was your locker if it had a picture of people getting on on it rather than a number (and darn if that doesn't make sense, too). BUT then what they do is they blur out all the pictures and they never even *say* what was going on--so we now know even the Romans had limits but not what they are. I *think* one of the blurs may have been cunnilingus (oh, sure, you can have orgies all the time but you can't go down on a chick, TYPICAL) but I'm not too sure. So now I have a total curiosity about deviant ancient sex. Go figure.


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Sep. 7th, 2005 04:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I feel like trolling Amazon now. Make my wish list even weirder and longer. *sigh*

Why couldn't they just SAY what they were doing--even euphemistically--and save me the trouble of pondering Roman deviance?! (And let's face it, ya see I Claudius enough times and you wonder what POSSIBLY could have been taboo!! I mean really!! Gay sex, check. Transvestism, check. Incest, check. Toys, check. BDSM, undoubtedly. Quite frankly there's not a whole helluva lot left that doesn't involve REALLY WEIRD stuff, is there???)
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