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The Love Bucket and Other Mischief

So Friday was my last day of work and then I spent the afternoon doing chores and stuff, and then in the evening took the MARC train to Baltimore to go to Howl at the Moon with Scott. The Power Plant is an awesome place and the bar was so cool: the performers were great and the various music "battles" kicked ass!! Anyhow we were having a great time and being silly and even trying to dance (he had a couple drinks in by that time and I had the better part of a Smirnoff) when all of a sudden a bucket arrived at our table. At Howl, they serve group drinks in these plastic buckets that are like the old Trick-or-Treat buckets they used to give out at Halloween at Burger King and stuff when I was a kid. It was filled with cherries, ice, and a red concoction that tasted like cold alcoholic cherry nerds: in other words, I thought it was yummy and Scott thought it was "girly" (what is it with guys and lagers???).

All the same its appearance was a mystery and finally a waitress told us it had been sent over by a gang of Coast Guard women and men a few tables away. Later some of them came over to talk to us and check our progress on it--in the end we drank almost half of it and were bloody proud of ourselves!--and it turned out it was a "Love Bucket" and they had ordered it for us because we looked like such a cute couple and were so into each other and everything. We didn't really have the guts to tell them we'd broken up months beforehand and gamely answered that we'd met online in march, he was a phd candidate in mathematics and I'd just gotten my masters, etc. They were celebrating a friend's birthday, the return of a comrade from overseas, and a hurrah for one of them who was fixing to ship to Iraq. Periodically they'd return and tease us or lift their drinks at us--for once when we got "caught" not clapping to some music (well we were, it's just I had to help him because Scott has no rhythm particularly when he is shnookered) and ended up holding hands instead. Etc.

So back at his place we talked about stuff and Scott said that though things were complicated, he thinks he made a mistake in breaking up with me (I said that, well, I'd ALWAYS thought that), and he wants some time to think about getting back together again, etc. I said to take his time and be cool about it, no worries. So we'll just see what happens there, but I am hopeful even though I am trying not to be and so forth. But dammit he makes my tummy do that flippy-thing, and he was very polite to Mr. Bear, and introduced him very nicely to Oakley, and how they are just pals.

And then in the meantime: hangover (his) and lost keys (also his). I stayed overnight in his place because it was 2am, we were shnookered, and we wanted our bears to meet each other. (Yes we are weird.) But with the lack of keys there was a conundrum in getting me back to DC, especially as I had a 6:40 train to GA and we couldn't check the bar for them until 5:30. So we opted for a train ticket to DC, which left me enough time to return to my place, finish packing, shower, and then go right back to the train station.

The ride was fine and now I'm home with a kitten in my lap. We have a cute little black kitten who loves attention, has a cold, and is nameless. Any ideas??? We also have two wild kittens we can't touch but who like to wreck the den (they just moved in one day--cats are like in-laws that way--though luckily they use litter boxes etc) and we're working on names for them also. Currently they are all going by the imaginative names "Blackie", "Runty," and "Tuffina" (who was "Tuffy" until 'he' turned out to be a 'she').

To conclude with geeker news: the new Gabaldon novel WILL be available at the Bookfest since Diana will be doing a signing. SQUEE!!! I am going there so early!!!! :D

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