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I did finish the book but I'll review at another time. I had a bit of a freak last night as I am wont to do sometimes, when crappy reality just sort of bodyslams me and I feel sick. I've been tummyachey and on the verge of tears all day. Andrew called me in an attempt to console me but I think that made things more difficult in some ways. He has faith in me, and while it's appreciated, I just can't believe it sometimes. I mean, I know he believes in me, but I'm too tired and demoralized to believe in myself. I know I need to find time to take some sort of real break and just let loose some steam and whatnot, except I'm not sure how. I am just so exhausted I don't know what to do really.

Plus as invariably happens I end up worrying about him more than me. His wife wants to move to Ohio or Kentucky (where he would have absolutely no place for multitudes of reasons) and since divorce is pretty inevitable--and in fact the only thing he claims keeps him going--he is faced with the unpleasant choice of never seeing his beloved son or moving to a place with no future, let alone a happy future.

In the meantime I am trying to keep my sanity together with my Greek lessons. I found a pair of useful books at the library, Zuntz's classic Greek course in two volumes, which are awesome. I've priced them online but the cheapest I could find was $127--a no go needless to say. Yay library, even though my card has or will soon expire and I'll basically just have to troll there if/when I continue. Argh.

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