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Polish Punk Sounds Awkward

By which I mean I have finally, finally finished The Decalogue. Yes it was definitely worth it, lots of philosophical and spiritual points to ponder. All the same I made it through it once and that was good enough for me. Three Colors I can watch over and over again, well Red anyway as the other two are downers, but you get the idea.

I also finally saw the Director's cut of Romance the other night which honestly reminds me of the old Animaniacs skit of French films, with Yakko, Wakko, and Dot in black and white smoking on a train and laconically reciting "Alouette" (sp?!). Basically the plot of the movie is this woman is in love with a boyfriend who won't have sex with her, so she tries for fulfillment with affairs and junk, which basically leads to boring graphic sex where she will NOT SHUT UP about the meaningless of it all. I think a total kudos should go out to the male actors who were able to maintain erections while she was talking about verbs and shit. I am kidding you not. In the end she has a gynecology exam (there was a warning for it on the Netflix envelope!), her boyfriend dies of an overdose or something, and she has his baby while her S&M partner holds her hand and then goes to the funeral. Childbirth hurts, get it? And so does sex! And love! Who knew?!

Yeah, I am unimpressed. I also saw Wimbledon which while enjoyable was still Richard Curtis' weakest film to date. Paul Bettany's an awesome actor, so why limit his expressions to ones of disappointment and flabbergastedness? Remember Love Actually which actually had an emotional spectrum for each character? Uh huh!

In other news word through the Browncoat grapevine is that Best Buy is doing a special early release of the UK BSG set next week with a bonus SERENITY dvd! 13 minutes devoted to Joss, the actors, and us! Squee! I am so tempted to plonk down my $$ except for the whole I-like-BSG-but-not-enough-to-shill-for-it thing.

Okay I'll end my nerdiness for now.

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