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The Auntie Thing

So I actually did get to see Andrew and Nico today. We went and had coffee, and then because Andrew's still new to the dad thing and somehow thought he'd get through an afternoon with only one bottle, we went to the Rite-Aid and bought formula and he mixed it up in the car. Funny moment at the check-out counter, as the woman admired Nico (as did many people, cos he is One Cute Kid) and then asked if I was the mommy. We were both like, "Um, auntie!" Felt very weird though. I know I'm harried and addled but surely I don't look like I could've given birth to a seven-week old?! Anyhow, it was really great to see Andrew again, like old times almost. And I got to hold and even feed Nico, and I've never done that with a baby before. It was pretty frightening at first, cos he's so small and wriggly. But Andrew pronounced that Nico was fascinated and then quite liked me, and that was a huge relief (I was afraid he wouldn't for some reason). Anyhow, I guess I'm on a baby high. I'd be terrified if I had to take care of a little kid for more than just a little, but all the same it was fun and I just hope I can be a good auntie. :)

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