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Mood Day

Today was another pain at work. Next week the new ILLiad document delivery system goes live so I had my training today. Now, you'd think that when software is named after an epic about a ten year war, it's a hint that it's a pain in the arse. As it is it is a single program to do all the cataloging, statistics-gathering, circulation, and delivery stuff. It streamlines everything for everybody--except me. Whereas once I used three programs to do a five step job, I now have one program to do 9-12 steps and even THEN it does a shitty job. I kept pointing out all this stuff during the training, guy's like, "Umm...that's a good question....I don't know..." and we had to call to find out how to do stuff. Turns out they *meant* to do some stuff but forgot it or something, and there's some other stuff they didn't think about at ALL! So now I have two days to play with the thing and come up with a list of issues, and do everything else I do too! Argh!!!

Still in a dither over the otherwise mess of my life, I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Closer from Netflix. I'm glad there's people slightly more fucked up than me, even if they're, y'know, pretend.

I just feel lonely and moody. God, I'd give anything for a REAL vacation like I haven't had in who knows how many years. No phones, no computers, no worries about the mess that is my life, just being gone.

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