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I'm Awake

I wish I was in the mood to do something constructive. As it is I am going to type random stuff and not whine anymore about Steven fucking Spielberg.

I finished reading Palomar but I liked Locas way better. Anybody got some good recommendations on graphic novels for future reference? Good Dave recommended a series called Nausicaa I need to look for sometime.

Today I watched Secretary, a romance-comedy about D/S in which James Spader spanks, wanks on, and marries his secretary, and Princess Mononoke which is about a chick, a prince, and pissy gods. Keith David is under-used as the God of the Boars. To be honest, the only reason I rented that one was because Neil Gaiman did the English screenplay thingie or whatever for it.

I'm trying to work on some stories in my head. I have a vague idea for a series called Larger Forces which would be interlocking stories in the style of L&R. I also keep rewriting my then-titled novel Halo in my head, except I've changed so much from when I began it (four years ago) I'm just not sure how to go back to it. I have to re-start from the beginning, and change some stuff, like moving some characters around and eliminating some and blah blah. That story was going to be the Big One, how myth and reality collide in families, and the death of the gods, and What It All Means, except I don't know what anything means anymore. I used to think I had things down but these days I feel like I don't know anything at all (which okay to be all zen-like is allegedly where true knowledge comes from, but that doesn't solve the squicky feeling).

Wish someone were around to talk to. I guess I'll stop nattering to the electric void now and try to "sleep" or something.

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