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Pardon Me While I Whine

Today has been one of those days. Slept not so good last night as roomies kept the tv on loud, even when I asked to turn it down, so I took some tylenol to try to relax to go to sleep, but it still took a while.

Woke up, went to work. One of those boring days where even though nothing's up, it's all irritating. Went out to get some lunch to try to relax, but it was also one of those days where they had to go catch a cow to cook, so I had to sit there and wait, and then they gave someone else my order by mistake, so I had to wait some more while they caught and cooked another cow.

Finally got home when I thought I could relax, but no, one of my Incredibly Cheap Shelves had collapsed so half my room was covered in dvds and books and junk. So I spent an hour fixing that.

I so can't wait to move, and god willing soon. I am tired of the cheap furniture etc that came with this place, the crappy plumbing, the obnoxious people, etcetera et nauseam. I am tired of never being able to relax. I am tired of people snitching my food and pocketchange and shit. I am tired of having to schedule things carefully so I don't have to be out at night and get robbed and/or raped and/or shot.

I think most of all I am tired of being alone almost all the time. Hopefully I can afford a cat soon after I move. I am seriously tempted to move to Columbia and bear the wicked commute just so Jim and I could hang out more. I just want out of here and my life to be different and better, preferably yesterday.

Grr, argh.


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