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Things are Looking Up

Had a very crappy morning. Slept badly, woke up, and did chores. My roomies had only left enough bleach in the bleach thing *I* bought and keep in my bathroom that I could only just manage to clean the sink and rim. So something else on the shopping list. Then I noticed a shitload of ants in the kitchen, again because my roomies are too dim to actually put food up when they're done with it (and how you can grow to be in your forties and not understand that things like margarine need to stay in the fridge, especially when it's friggin' June, I don't know!). And the washer's being cranky again and blah blah, I am just praying to get a new job so I can move the fuck out of here.

Joyfully however I got mail today: a netflix movie, a card from one of my sisters, the Amazon box I got myself, and a box from my Mom. I've taken the presents out and have put them on the chair to admire until tomorrow.

I'd half thought about maybe going to see a movie and having ice cream this afternoon or something, but I am just way too tired. I'm trying to get up the energy to work on some more job app stuff after I've finished folding my laundry and stuff. I may compromise and have a movie afternoon and watch dvds and pop some popcorn. Woo!

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