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Post-Midnight Rambles

These happen when I can't sleep and can't be bothered to even try.

Ever feel like you have so many words you have no words and you're not sure what to do about them?

Then you start thinking about all the fuck-ups in your life. Dumbass pussies and men with selective memories, those are the good ones. Waterfountain and hotdog boys bad. Blown off by the one decent guy and you still don't know why, not really, and you want your book back and you want to say something, and again not knowing what.

Going through shit and watching that same damn moth that won't piss off.

Making random lists.

Stuff to get when I have job and therefore decent apartment:
1) a real bed
2) table and chairs
3) bookshelf
4) dresser-thingie
5) a real mirror

Reasons I should get over Scott:
1) blew me off without wanting to try to talk about anything
2) didn't want to deal with the darkness in me
3) he didn't keep track of time or gas

Pros and Cons of cakes:
A) the fancy chocolate cake thing
1) it's got chocolate cake and ganache
2) and some vanilla also
3) one can never go wrong with chocolate
4) but I always do chocolate
B) the strawberries and cream cake thing
1) it's got strawberries in it
2) it's very pretty
3) and something different
4) but it's not chocolate

Okay, I'm either going to go to sleep now or start writing the Great American Novel. That, or kill the damn moth that won't leave.

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