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Of Media History and Cake

The Archives Listserv coffed up the fake-documentary of EPIC, or, when Winston Smith goes to Googlezon. It's eight minutes of future media history past, and quite possibly the most fascinating piece of Flash satire since The Meatrix.

So my birthday is next weekend and I'm working on plans for the few, the proud few, who will do stuff with me. Right now I am mostly thinking about cake. The number one runner is CakeLove, firstly because it's the only cake delivery place I've read about not on the internet, and second of all it's also the cheapest. So now the big question is: what flavor and how much? (I'd poll but I already know everyone would submit "chocolate, dumbass!")

Got my paycheck today too. I also got a call from the AIP and they want to do a phone intervew for an archivist position in the morning. The woman who called me was kinda snotty though, which makes me worried: She was all "So when's a good time?" and I told her in the afternoon. "Can't you do anything earlier?" Well I have work but I can try to do something in the morning... "Well if you HAVE to do the afternoon, we can" (uber-snotty, btw), and finally it was just they'll call me at 10am. Oy!

Anyhow, this week is getting blurry. I can't believe it's only Wednsday! At least I can deposit my paycheck tomorrow and send off my credit card bill. And I can do my grocery shopping this weekend and maybe pick out a nice present too. Yay!

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