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Bitch 'n' Moan

Work is really starting to bug me. Last week they misplaced my timesheet or something so I didn't get my paycheck Friday. Spent yesterday making calls and emails and they finally coughed up a fresh check to be sent through interdepartment mail, but it didn't get there today. Grr. It's not like I'm down to the wire or anything, I keep up with my finances damn well considering I make peanuts, but it just bugs me.

On top of that my new subscription to Netflix is being cranky too. Two dvds that never got to me went straight back to their place though I finally did get one to watch. I complained about it and should've had two movies today, but no. So I'm cranky, tired, AND bored.

Lastly I still haven't gotten my book back from Scott that he was supposed to mail back. I'm going to wait a few days to call or email him about it, as I don't feel up to actually talking to him yet (plus I don't know when he mailed it, if he has, etc etc) and I still miss him and it's just awkward.

Plus there's the usual issues of Andrew moaning, Mom whining, obnoxious roommates, worrying over Jim, and the cringeworthiness of trying to put together some sort of Not Pathetic birthday thing for myself next weekend.

All of this is in no particular order either, you understand.

Oh, AND I have PMS too!!


Tired. Bored. Bitchy. Meh!

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