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Adventures in Philly and Elsewhere

This weekend I went to the WizardWorld con in Philadelphia. Megan and I volunteered to work half the day in crowd control so we were in free ($25 saved to quickly be spent...), and it may be the last time I ever volunteer! People are idiots!! Not once, but several times, people were like "Is there any way I can get tickets without waiting in line?" And it's like, who are you kidding! I managed to be nice, even to the ones who were absolute dicks (must be the librarian training--what's the worst they could do to me, take away my ugly orange staff shirt? oh the horror!).

Once I was free it was pretty neat. Megan was elsewhere and she got to see Seth Green like three times. Apparently he comes up to Boob-level on her, so short indeed! *Elf impression* "Oh, lookit YOU!" I talked to Marc Singer who is really a nice guy. I felt bad for him no one was really at his interview booth (what, Glory gets people but the Beastmaster doesn't? sad!!). I told him about watching the version of Taming of the Shrew he was in when I was in one of my Shakespeare classes, and he was clearly so happy someone knew he was in something besides the Beastmaster.

The dealer's room was a bit of a wash as the Con Center's ATM machine wouldn't take my card, so I just had to use up the cash on me. I suppose in a way that was good as it made me behave. So all I ended up getting was a dvd of the ORIGINAL Han-shoots-first Star Wars that this guy had made (he also had the Star Wars Xmas special, and even Revenge of the Shit, I mean Sith), and a trinket for a friend.

We crashed overnight at Mike's folks' place in NJ and we all went to his Mom's high school's play of The Music Man. They were pretty critical, all having experience/background of musical theater and stuff, but well, I went to a poor high school, so a drama production with, y'know, an auditorium, microphones, lights, actual SETS, and lots of people with talent was pretty mind-blowing to me. I expected to really be bored and irritated but actually quite enjoyed myself!

Then of course bad depressing dreams last night. I tried to tell my Mom about it, and all she wants me to do is go back to the doctor to get pills for depression. I try to explain that it's all situational (waiting to hear about job stuff, a really great guy breaking up with me, etc.) but she just doesn't get it. And of course I also feel responsible for my boys who aren't doing so well either and yeah, I just feel all pulled out of myself sometimes. I wish it wasn't so wrong in our culture to not be happy all the time. I actually do pretty well given all the things I've gone through, even if all I do is whine on here it seems like.

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