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Next Time Take the Detour

Had a lot of fun with Paula, Darryl, Tammie, and Lynn today. We were the only ones to show for the fossil-hunting trip, which was too bad as much fun was had. We went to Calvert State Park, which has a two mile hiking trail to the cliffs, which have lots of fossilized shells and bones. You can't take anything from the cliffs but you could help yourself to things on the beach. Darryl built us sifting trays to use too, though some larger things you could easily just pick off the beach. I only got a few things, a couple interesting shells, some neat rocks, and two fossilized shell pieces. I found a very large fossilized shell piece but it disintegrated as I tried to clean it in the (to me) freezing water. Just as well, I suppose, that it broke on the beach rather
than in my bag, but it still feels weird and Charlie Brownish to know something made it a couple hundred years or whatever until you came along. Oh well, that's why I am Destructo-girl.

Of course, getting there was half the fun. Due to recent rains and stuff one of the main trails was blocked off...or it would have been had the sign not fallen down and we and many others staggered on. A fair bit of the area is boggy marshland, and parts of the trails are rickety board-bridges. Due to the rains however a lot of these were completely flooded to the point of near-impossibility and straight out impossibility. This necessitated the creative use of alternate pathways, i.e. climb some tree-roots up to higher ground, go one foot at a time along a narrow plantless area and try not to slip down, etc etc. And yes, I did hum "Indiana Jones" a few times.

Afterwards we had an early dinner of barbeque at a restaurant in Calvert. We stuffed ourselves sleepy and headed home. It was great to spend the day having fun with my friends, plus to talk to Paula about my relationship issues. She's been in pretty similar circumstances to my own, I just crossed a lot more territory a lot quicker--such is life I suppose. Anyhow so maybe Scott and I can talk things out and make sense of things. She and Andrew both think there are miscommunication issues at work and we're just young, and no matter what we'll get over it eventually. True enough, but I do want to try to fix things if possible. We shall see.

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