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DIS "Take My Hand" Thoughts

1) I was fretting all day about this episode, wondering how they could possibly tie up everything in an hour. AND THEY DID.

2) Two inspirational speeches, and both made me cry.

2a) It hit me in the feels that during one of the speeches they panned to each person on the bridge: one white woman, two aliens, and everyone else was a POC. Just. MOAR TEARS.

3) I feel so fuzzy that Mirror!Phillipa will still be out there. And I kinda want to write a fic where she runs into Harry Mudd....

3a) Mirror!Phillipa purchasing a m/f/f threeway and inviting Tilley along = hawt. Poor Tilley, awkwardly demuring. LIVE THE DREAM FOR US ALL, GIRL!

4) I'm going to miss Ash.

5) Okay so Jason Isaacs's name was in the credits but he never appeared. We speculated they were gonna find him in a Klingon prison camp or something. I feel a bit robbed that we didn't get to see him.

6) Stamets holding Culber's medal. <3

7) And at the end they rhondeveax with the Enterprise and Captain Pike, and then cut to credits. Will we see Spock next season?????



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Feb. 12th, 2018 07:01 pm (UTC)
And roll end credits playing TOS music. Perfect.

I loved the season finale. Others were like, "This was boring and mediocre." We got shoot 'em ups the last 2 episodes. We were due for a more thoughtful ending. Plus, as mentioned in an interview with Alex Kurtzman, the end of the Klingon War was negotiated entirely by women. Perfection!

Feb. 12th, 2018 07:20 pm (UTC)
I also felt it was very To Form that the epic conclusion is with people talking things out, not explosions.

I feel there's a real disconnect between the viewerships of the show, the Fans and the Anti-Fans. It's so frustrating!!
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