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Almost Done with Week 1 of 2018

Counting this as a work week, I mean. It seems longer though (it's only Thursday?).

Stuff I have done in the past four days: finished and sent off an encyclopedia entry; finished a paper; finished and sent off a book review; finished and sent off an article peer review; done volunteer work with my public library; applied for a job (if you have any good mojo to send, please do on this one?).

All that does make me wonder why I didn't do more in December, except of course I was doing prep, cooking a lot, and generally trying To Get Through The Holidays.

Speaking of holidays, they'll finally be over Sunday night when we go to Scott's Dad's for Russian Christmas. Then it will really be 2018 for serious.


Watching the ice hurricane in the NE from across the country has been gut-clenching. A friend in Boston posted video of the high tide of ice and water looking wild and coming within feet of their house. Meanwhile, most of my friends were trying to get to NYC for MLA and many failed. A few did make it there, but that means that other people cancelled so they've been taking it easy in the hotel etc. The consensus seems to be that there should be a populist revolt against the association for consistently picking cities in the frozen north for a WINTER CONFERENCE that makes an already expensive and difficult venture even more so. (I've all but given up on ever trying to get into MLA myself. After years of trying it's kinda clear I'm just on my own little planet as far as literary study is concerned.)


Star Trek is back this weekend. THANK GOODNESS I have something to look forward to!!


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