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A Lot of Disparate Thoughts

I've been wanting to write a post on various things going on, but have put it off because there just always seems to be too much. Anyway, here's a bunch of random things:

We were worried our car had died and were fretting because Now Is Not The Right Season to figure out getting a new car, but luckily, the autoshop diagnosed a problem with the engine and alternator, and it only cost a couple hundred books and they promise there's plenty of life in the old girl yet.


I finished my first proper fic in ages for [community profile] space_wrapped !! [personal profile] fritz42 was such an awesome beta and cheerleader and I am so happy! Will be posting on Dec. 23.


[Insert disjointed incoherent thoughts on how stressful and difficult holiday shopping and preparation is.]


Was so astonished and relieved about Doug Jones's Senate win last night. Was texting with Todd, who said that his brother texted him to say "This is proof that God exists and God hates Roy Moore." Todd wrote back "Maybe this is proof that God is a fourteen-year-old girl."

Another political note: I am so fucking tired of all of my [white, straight] friends complaining about sad and tired politics makes them. Bitches, how do you think everyone ELSE feels? But that's why you have to just keep fighting. [N.B. These are the same people who will share BLM stuff on social media but don't appear to have any actual POC friends. Both of which require a whole lot unpacking, mental acrobatics, whatever.]


Outlander season finale feels: OMG I love how they fixed the Willoughby plotline, and I hope the next season(s) can similarly fix the issues with race in the translation from books to screen, because I don't think I can handle white people shrugging off the genocide of Native Americans and slavery with a shrug of "well what can we do, nothing's gonna happen in 70 years anyway." I've already had a couple arguments with people about this on social media where they use the whole "men of their time" argument that never fails to piss me the fuck off, because it does such a disservice to everyone who was "ahead of their time" and, you know, ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY.


Ongoing in Our Weird Old House: We're working on the master bathroom--will be doing most of the work--ourselves--and discovered that the previous owners had at some point converted a full bath to a 3/4 bath. So...that project just became a bit more complicated, but it's still kind of a cool thing to find.


A while back I got a job rejection letter that basically went, seriously, "You are so qualified and very impressive, but we're not going to interview you. Good luck with life!" Which, *flail* so I'm going to try to volunteering with my local library just to try to get a toe in the door and also hopefully build in some opportunities so I can renew my CA in a few years. I had a good meeting yesterday with the admin who coordinates thing and will likely be doing social media stuff for them for a bit. So, here's hoping.


My diss. I'm trying to finish a chapter and....it is so hard. Why is it so hard? Still continuing on, anyway.


Will have some sort of year-end post for year's end, hopefully.

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