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STD Thoughts: "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

"If you want peace, prepare for war."

This episode felt a little off because it's such a prologue to the mid-season finale, I guess. I think it will hold-up better when binge-watching though.
Anyways, thoughts:

I was really looking forward to this episode because I thought we were going to finally get some time with Saru, and...only sort of. (Scott's comment: "Most Incompetent First Officer Ever." And...he's not wrong.) I like the idea of Saru's first taste of living without fear driving him a little batty, but at the same time....it just didn't work for me? So it felt kind of like a waste almost, which is just a bummer.

MVP here: L'Rell. For the first time, I'm actually giving a shit about the Klingon arc. I wish they hadn't nerfed Admiral Cornwall so quickly, I feel like the potential of that relationship/friendship was incredibly interesting...but I guess we are supposed to feel robbed at the end there.

I also think it's interesting that L'Rell doesn't seem to know what happened to Voq? Or maybe that's just to throw off the Voq/Tyler theory, not sure. 


Bonus: Outlander "First Wife" Thoughts

Having reread the book so recently, I keep getting tripped up in the little tweaks they are making so that it's clear the characters and the audience are all Up To Date On Things. I feel like it slows down the momentum of the plot a lot, but anyway. I did appreciate the tweak they made to explain the Laoghaire/Jamie thing, which was always So Dumb, by here making it all about her adorable kids and Jamie's desire to be a father. Seriously, the Hogmanay dance scene with them was So Cute!

I also appreciated the added scenes with Jenny, but....since they even brought up the fact that they told Murtagh about time travel and have a little dialogue about Not Telling Jenny....it seems EVEN MORE DUMB that they don't tell her. An awful lot of interpersonal issues--that don't even exist in the book--could be solved with one conversation. *frustrated sigh*


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Nov. 8th, 2017 04:47 pm (UTC)
We finally watched the episode last night.

HeadBoy felt like the who Pahvo storyline was weak, so he's with you on that. I was enchanted by a new planet/species. I was less enchanted with the in-your-face "Peace planet" aspect. How on earth did SF not know that Seru could become so compromised so easily? His species starts off on a compromised footing, so how could he rise in command?

The Klingons: Wondering about L'rell's motives--was she truthful with Cornwell or with Kol? I guess we'll see next week. I'm hoping she really did want to get away from Kol and was using Cornwell as her ticket.

Outlander: I can't remember if they ever tell Jenny in the books. But yeah, she's a powerful ally/enemy. I have to admit every time Laoghaire shows up (on screen and in the books) I get rage-y. I thought having Jamie marry his wife's mortal enemy was stupid, even if he believed Claire would never return.
Nov. 8th, 2017 04:59 pm (UTC)
STD---DIS?? I hate writing STD but: I don't know that we're supposed to think Saru's easily compromised, but he is definitely the character that has been most under-served so far. Does he have friends? Dunno. Family? Dunno. Does he want anything besides to rise in rank? Dunno.

Outlander: Yeah, they never tell Jenny (or anyone) in the books.

I always thought that the Claire v. Laoghaire relationship was supposed to be more....epic than it was, and somehow got cut (as happens), which would explain why she shows up again and it's this crushing blow and so on. But they made a point of giving her an episode in S2 to make her "more sympathetic" which....didn't work, so onscreen it was really more of a "Really? REALLY?" moment. (Though again, Jamie wanting to be a father to her cute kids is something I have total buy-in to; the scene where he basically has to explain why he's getting a divorce to an eight year old was incredibly sad.)
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