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I really loved tonight's episode; once they got the show where they needed it to be the writing has been so solid! But I particularly like how this episode felt like a fic, with its emphases on relationships and so on, and also re-telling the familiar time loop trope, but this time mostly from the pov of someone who ISN'T remembering the same day over and over again. Also, I love that apparently there ain't no rave like a Starfleet rave (which sure calls back to Stamets's reference to speed last week)!

I love so many of the brief insights we get into character relationships here, but especially with Stamets and Culber and their origin story. I love that Lorca isn't going to watch his crew die again, and the tears in his eyes when he says as much--I love that he's a dark character, but not an evil one.

And Michael. Michael and her big secret: That she's never been in love. (Which....girl gotta ask, how could you be side-by-side with Michelle Yeoh for seven years and not fall in love with her???? But, okay.) Stamets's reaction to that secret: a baffled look and a heartfelt "I'm so sorry." That little scene was such a beautiful moment for both characters.

And about Tyler. There's this fan theory that Tyler may be Voq, and maybe he remembers and maybe he doesn't. I'm thinking from this episode and his interactions with Michael that if true he....doesn't. I'm also calling it that he is revealed to be Voq at the end, and they rescue the real Tyler, and Michael will be confused and torn to be bits by this guy she fell in love with and knows so well, who...isn't him at all. ....And if the show doesn't write that, I might have to, because damn.
Anyway, I love all these characters so much, and another episode and then we're going to be on hiatus for a month, and I don't know how I'll handle it?? Or the year-long break that will be between seasons. Like, part of me recognizes it's gotta be that way to maintain quality, and part of me just wants to go NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! into the void.


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Oct. 30th, 2017 12:10 pm (UTC)
I loved this ep too!! I read on FB and observation that it was "I, Mudd" + "Cause and Effect" + great character interactions = Star Trek.

It was a wonderful ep to reveal good info. Loved the party, because damn, you know there were epic parties on Enterprise (all iterations), even though we never had the privilege to see them. And I am loving the character interactions: Stamets' no-filters/huggy personality; Michael and Tyler; Tilly/everyone.

I can't think of a ST series that's been off to a better start. Ever. Damn, I need me some ST:D icons!!
Oct. 30th, 2017 06:35 pm (UTC)
I second the need for icons! WHERE IS THE FANDOM WHERE IS IT I NEEEEEED IT!

When watching the initial party scene Scott said, "So...Starfleet has frat parties??" Which made me think of Mudd's line in "Choose Your Pain" about Starfleeters looking out of the windows of their big ships onto the little people. Which, I could do with seeing this idea examined more on the show, though preferably from a character more sympathetic than Mudd, because there's always been this idea of the Federation as this utopic space which has only occasionally been disrupted, and it would be neat to see that troubled a bit more....and then not have the problem "solved" by the end of the week.
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