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1) Oh my feels. I teared up at the end.

2) In an ideal world, the season finale will be Michael time traveling to save Georgiou.

3) I really can't help but notice the sheer numbers of ladies and POC aboard the ship. It makes me so happy!

4) Scott's quote of the night....not quite relevant to the episode but still said while watching, "I'd be such a great Vulcan warlord!!"

Ow my fucking soul ow.

Seriously, this ep has such a "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" vibe to it: On the one hand, the episode was hitting us on the head with the conundrum of doing bad things for good reasons. What's the greater good here--to set an innocent animal free or to save hundreds of innocent people? GUESS WHAT THERE ISN'T A RIGHT ANSWER! WE WILL LAUGH AT YOUR PAIN!

The clincher of Georgiou's hologram of her will to Michael, smiling and saying she was like a daughter to Phillipa and so she's giving her her most priceless possession that's been in her family for centuries--a telescope. The encouragement of ideals vs. the reality of war and warmongering all around you. Oof.

I do like that they aren't wasting any time on "is Lorca evil or not?" Yeah, he's evil. But he remains hilarious. He may be my new Spike: I'd hate to be in the same room with him, but man he's entertaining to watch.

Finally, I think we might have met Stamets's boyfriend? But I'm not sure. The dialogue with the cranky doctor in medbay seemed, uh, familiar from so. much. fic. So I might be reading into it. (Or maybe not.)


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