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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Went to the doctor for a check-up and she innocently asks how I've been doing, which somehow leads to me burbling about being depressed and stressed and crying about Candace. So that was fun. (N.B. No fun was had. By anyone.)

I'm also overly aware of how far behind I am in the things I need to do. (I'm also aware that almost all deadlines are self-imposed and therefore the guilt I'm giving myself is pointless and blah blah blah but look that's ~rational.~) I mean, if I push myself I can do it: Finish the chapter essay I'm working on this month, make a point of doing a diss chapter for Nano, and then rewarding myself by writing fiction for December.

I did at least get my shit together to send out a CFP for the vampire book (in memoriam of Candace) and already got an inquiry/proposal from a well-regarded scholar, along with some encouragement on the project, so that's something. My ideal timeline has proposals in Dec 1, and a book proposal packet sent to the publisher in January, with the book itself appearing in 2019. Which is doable, so here's hoping.

I'm heading to a conference next week; I got rejected from actually giving a paper, but I'll get to hang out with my diss chair and with Todd (and with any luck will not randomly burst into tears on them, because apparently that's just where I AM these days). So, here's hoping.


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