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STD "Context is for Kings" thoughts

1) "Context is for kings" is probably something I'm just going to say now.

2) The comment I keep seeing is that "This doesn't feel like Star Trek to me." Which....is subjective, but more than anything, the vibe of this episode was a cross between that one TNG ep about the junior officers just going about their days and doing missions with only part of the information available, and latter-day DS9. The emphasis on information--and who has it--appears to be a major theme.

ETA: I just had a thought while I was in the shower (as you do) about Enterprise, Reboot, and Discovery all being Millennial Star Trek: the main themes of all three are about the collisions between the ideals of Starfleet and how they change/are challenged by terrorism and wartime. I need to think on this some more.

I'm not sure what I think of Jason Isaac's Captain Lorca. It seems to be pretty clear that he is, if not actually a bad guy, then definitely an ethically dubious one, and he's certainly presented as such (his own crewmembers grumble about him as a warmonger). I do particularly like his weird whimsicality--offering Michael fortune cookies.

We learn some new background about Michael this week: She carries a print copy of Alice in Wonderland, quotes it to herself several times, and the book was read to her and Spock by Amanda--so we know that the pair of them share some childhood overlap now, which puts a new light on Sarek's encouragement to Michael to go to Starfleet. Also, I noticed that in this episode particularly her body language was very Vulcan, especially when she was getting bullied/hazed on the new ship.

I also like Michael's dynamic with Cadet Tilley--man, I hope that there's some femmeslash for this pairing sooner rather than later.

The conversations/tensions about Starfleet as a force for exploration/science and as a defensive/offensive force seem to echo the ones seen in Enterprise and in STID, both of which handled the topic with all the finesse of a blunt hammer. I hope that DIS improves on this; it's well worth exploring in terms of story--we never really see the "dark" side of the Federation....even when we do, like in the Journey's End episode of TNG.


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Oct. 2nd, 2017 12:09 pm (UTC)
Noticed that crew persons bitch a lot more than I'm used to in TNG. But that's the nature of the show, being with those in the lower ranks. You'd never see that level of grousing on the bridge.

Lorcan strikes me as a captain who is definitely on the edge. It will be VERY interesting to see what he does.

Fuck the haters. I'm enjoying this different take on ST.
Oct. 2nd, 2017 04:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I weirdly appreciate seeing Fleeters being dicks. (The scene where no one was letting Michael sit by them so reminded me of high school.)

I adore Jason Isaacs and was kind of hoping to see him play a good guy for kicks. (I think the only time I've seen him play a good guy was as the father in that Peter Pan movie in the early 00s... but he also played Captain Hook!) I kind of hope he's like another version of Michael--someone who has done bad things for very good reasons. But right now, his little workroom is straight up Mirrorverse. (I also feel like it's going to matter that he has a damaged eye sensitive to light...)
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