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Theatre review: Macbeth

Just back from seeing an all-male production of Macbeth in Denver. LET ME TELL YOU MY FEELS!!
First of all, Lady Macbeth's "unsex me now" speech is 100% better when delivered by a hot dude in leather briefs.

Secondly, apparently my new aesthetic is tribal tatts, bass beats, and iambic pentameter. I can work with this.

The show took place in "The Pit of Acheron" which is apparently a metal club? Lots of dancing, which worked for me. Rather than using weapons, the men would extend their hands with palms to the side, which worked really well for the fighting dance choreography, and in balancing the "Is this a dagger I see before me?" and the obsessive handwashing. That said, as Scott pointed out, it also looked like everyone was using the force.

The lighting/staging were really neat: alchemical symbols on the floor, which had multiple rotating sections; was a little disappointed than they didn't create new symbols when the flooring realigned. The lighting was also projected through a massive glass-looking ceiling thing that looked like a pentagram, and there were lights on the doors at all ends (this was a round theater with five exits). A lot of action also took place in the aisles, with some audience interaction: newly crowned Macbeth extended his hand to be kissed or taken by audience members, and at one point he stole a woman's program to fend off the ghost of Banquo.

Some other nice moments: This is the first production I've ever seen where Lady Macduff fights back as opposed to running offstage. And at the big finale, as Macbeth is fighting Macduff, suddenly the lighting changes, and he is confronted by the ghosts of everyone he has killed throughout the play, and each of whom delivers a killing blow--finishing with Lady Macduff.

The one thing that bothered me: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, and a number of minor characters were all POC. The Malcolms/court were white. The whiteness of the "return to order" at the end bugged me. I doubt they had that in mind when casting or what have you, but....still. Why couldn't one of the other POCS played Malcolm?


I have SO MANY feels about the new Star Trek! More tomorrow!!

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