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Had another Stultifyingly Dull NARA speaker in class today, so I fortified myself with sugary espresso goodness, which means sure I twitched the whole time but at least I didn't keep nodding off like I did last time! And as luck would have it, my friend Darryl's roomie Tammie sent me a Starbucks card she got somehow, but she doesn't like Starbucks but she does remember my addiction, so Darryl gave it to me. So now I have a free coffee in my future--hot damn!!!!

Funny patron story of the day: Person asks for article entitled something like "Oro y espedition de la Gazilo" blah blah (yes I know I had to have butchered that but give me a break) in a journal entitled Cuadernos Hispanicosamericanos (look I don't know Spanish okay), and then asks in the notes field: "Is this article in English or Spanish?"

Funny Office Space story from yesterday: I went into the main office to turn in my timesheet, the library director looks at me and says, "You look familiar? Have we met?" I say, "Yeah, I'm Catherine. I've worked here two years...."

Anyhow, tomorrow I have "off" to write my paper before the weekend. Going to have coffee (*broing!*) with friend Dave (not Evil Dave) Saturday and also need to find possibly something for Mike's birthday. I was thinking of getting him wine but apparently he's not a wine drinker according to Paula and Lucy (who sadly aren't coming to the party next Friday, but Paula *did* return my umbrella I hadn't even realized I left in her car last Saturday so it's a bloody good thing it didn't rain this week) and I know his roomie keeps shotloads of beer, so I'll have to see what I can see.

More news from Andrew, who is still spazzing on the divorce front. Remember all that divorce law research I did before he got married? Uh huh. Aren't you proud of me for not yelling "I TOLD you so!!!!!"? Also apparently I may *not* (*sulk*) purchase Social Distortion onesies for lil Noname as Beastwife will only throw them out. Grr. Odds of me getting to visit not so good either. :(

In cheerier news, it looks like Jim (who is in MAJOR need of cheering up) and Scott and I will be doing sushi Sunday night. Of course you realize: This. Means. UNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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