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Happy New Year, My Lovelies!

I'm backing everything up at dreamwidth because that seems like a sensible thing to do. I *really* don't want to lose my cozy internet home of the LAST TWELVE YEARS JFC but I don't want to lose my fic and whatnots either. (I've spent a ridiculous chunk of the morning trying out various designs and being happy with none of them, but oh well.)

Anyway, I fully expect this year to be rough and even frightening, BUT I also expect to spend the year fighting in the best ways that I can. Most often that seems to be in giving comfort and pep talks where I can, because here's the thing--most people are *still* on the right side of history, and most people *are* ready to shield the vulnerable, give hope to the hopeless, speak the truth, and make beautiful art. Evil only wins when good does nothing, and good seems to be pretty busy making resource lists and sharing news. Or as Liz Duffy Adams put it best, "Be the fire-breathing dragon you wish to see in the world!"

Take care of each other, kids. We can do this.


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Jan. 1st, 2017 11:08 pm (UTC)
I don't want to lose this home either! I've been here for 10 years, how the time flies. I'm glad you're backing up to DW though, did you see their news post? They've gotten 100,000 new users and many of them are from Russia and Ukraine. That's a big chunk of LJ user base right there and it has me worried.

May good always prevail. ♥
Jan. 2nd, 2017 07:16 am (UTC)
I did not see that post, though it doesn't surprise me. Well, we'll see what we see. Sending as much good mojo out as I can!!!!!!! <3
Jan. 2nd, 2017 06:28 pm (UTC)
I've been out of the loop in regards to LJ, but is there something happening in Russia that might lead to this being shut down? I'm glad we have a backup with DW.

There's a great article in The Guardian about hope that reminded me of what you said in this post. You're right. There are a lot of "us" out here, and we just need to keep that hope going, keep it fueling our fights.

Jan. 2nd, 2017 10:30 pm (UTC)
Here's a link to what's going on with lj: http://davesmusictank.livejournal.com/2509979.html

TL;DR: LJ is currently owned by a Russian company that just moved the servers to Russia, and with the US hacking scandal and so on a lot of people are anxious and closing down shop and/or exporting to other sites like Dreamwidth. There is a real possibility that they might lose enough people to make LJ unviable as a business and just shut the site down with little to no warning.
Jan. 2nd, 2017 10:30 pm (UTC)
Also thanks for The Guardian piece, I'm sharing that on my FB account! <3
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