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1) You can write the electors through this site, and either copy and paste their addresses into your email or use their system. I wrote a long (for me) email about how just in the last month here in CO women have been sexually assaulted on the street in Boulder, minorities abused in Longmont, and swastikas painted on a school in Stapleton. These things are happening because of Trump and his supporters, and the electors should know that when they vote.

This takes less than 1 minute, but the consequences for Brietbart could be massive if enough people reach out to Google.

Here is the info if you want to participate.
Inspired by Kellogg's and other companies pulling their advertising from Breitbart, here's a fun action to take. From your laptop or phone, follow these directions and pass it along. I did it through my phone, so instructions below are for the phone.
(1) Go to Breitbart.com (I know, ugh, but keep going).
(2) Find a Google AdSense ad. It will have a teal triangle and an x in the upper right corner.
(3) Click on the triangle.
(4) Click "Why this Ad?"
(5) On the Google page that loads, Click "learn more" in the text toward the bottom.
(6) A page loads called About Google Ads.
Scroll down and click to "Leave feedback on the website you just saw."
(7) You are given a choice between "the website" and "the ads". Choose "the website".
(8) Check the box saying that the website (Breitbart) promotes racial intolerance. If you like, add a comment. I did. (I used this link to prove my point: http://www.motherjones.com/…/stephen-bannon-donald-trump-al… )
(9) Click submit!

Adding two notes: 1) To more quickly find the ad, look for an ad for a site you've been to recently; the ad I used was for a store where I had just ordered christmas flowers. 2) When you get to the About Google Ads page, you have to scroll down ALL the way to the bottom to choose between the website and the ads. Good luck!!


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