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Political Musings

I've been doing a lot of contemplating these last two weeks, while also trying to do keep my head above water with school and deadlines and all. One of the things I always struggled with in reading history was how was it possible for those scholars and writers who were killed during the Holocaust to not realize what was coming. Walter Benjamin's a good example. He was working on his Arcades Project, he put off leaving until, eventually, all travel visas were cancelled, and then he killed himself. We still read his work, but he left behind unfinished pieces and fragments, and I always found that unutterably sad on multiple levels.

And what I find myself thinking when I'm exhausted/scared of what's going on is how nice it is to concentrate on my work, to read less news and focus on what's "important" and my deadlines. But that's the slippery slope, right; I don't want to look up from finishing a chapter draft and realize that people are being rounded up and gods know what else. So being careful to stay engaged, to make my voice heard, to signalboost the other voices, to not let things become "a new normal." But man, figuring out this new balance...it's a thing.

So my social media feeds have mostly become about signalboosting posts with information on how to assist Standing Rock, the ACLU, how to fight back against Trump, etc. etc. It gives me hope that people aren't lying down about these things; a local elementary school had swastikas spraypainted on its doors over the weekend, and the community made a wall of hearts to counter against it. So there's that. I earnestly hope and pray that we can continue to fight against the darkness, but it's already been only two weeks and I am so, so tired. But the fight will continue, because it has to. It has to.


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Nov. 23rd, 2016 09:53 pm (UTC)
I feel you so hard. I'm so sick of reading about everything that is happening that sometimes I really just want to stick my head in the sand and ignore it. But it won't go away and so I'm doing what I can to make my voice heard and hope that it's enough. :( *hugs* ♥
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