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Saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy last night--it was SO awesomely funny! I say this as one who hasn't read the books (and yes, I do mean to...sometime...like after the semester probably...and when I can track down a copy and all...) too! No Serenity trailer on the print I saw, but I was still perfectly happy. Scott had as much fun as I did, too, and he HAS read the books, if that helps!

He and I met up for mild hookie--I skipped out of LC two hours early through sheer boredom and nothing to do, I'm hyper and don't take doing nothing well at ALL--so we went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum to admire dinosaur bones and stuffed porcupines. He said porcupines are actually quite soft and to try to pet one next time I see one. I countered that he is a very strange and/or slightly suicidal man to be as hung up on petting/wrestling wild creatures as he is (loooong story involving the words "tiger," "cheetah," and "he don't look so tough, I could take him!" in the same sentence--and not this particular sentence either. Um yeah.) But needless to say we had a great time together as always and many giggles were had, and not just at the movie. :)

Anyway I was a good girl today and did my grocery shopping and cleaning and all. Food and cleanliness are good things.

It's also Beltane today, and blessed be to all! I wish I could do a bonfire or something, but I expect watching Brit Wit is the next best thing! Happy May Day to all!

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