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Lookit What I Made!!!


Made these at a workshop at Virgin Wood Type. I actually find making wood type more stressful than making metal type because with the machines you can't actually see what you are doing. >_< You have to focus on operating around a pattern and then pause carefully and look over to check yourself as best as you can--as you can tell with the heart, I failed a bit. But, I kind of like that ding--which actually doesn't show up badly on the carbon proof--because it goes to show that I really did make it, so. *G*

Anyway, today's the slow day, so I have a little bit of time to relax that is sorely needed. This afternoon I'm heading back to campus to check out a book arts vendor fair and, hopefully, get a shot at doing a pull on the Kelmscott Press, which was the same one used by William Morris in his shop and is held at the Cary Collection at RIT. Yes, I am rather pathetically stoked at being able to have a go on a specific famous press because hi, have you met me?

Relatedly, last night's talk was by the folks at Virago Press, who primarily specialize in translations of Polish poetry from 1976-1989. One of the founders, Gwido Zlatkes, put together a book reprinting various things including a printers' manual used during the period, and when I went to chat with him we ended up talking about fanzines as underground literature, because, yes, only I can go to a print history talk and end up talking about fandom. I'M NOT SORRY.


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Oct. 24th, 2015 12:59 am (UTC)
Those are so cool! :DDD
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