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... I thought I'd pop up for a token LJ post.

The diss writing goes mediocrely. I finally said fuckit and emailed the draft-in-progress to my chair, because she often has wise words and can push me in the right direction, or at least A direction. I'm pointedly not thinking about how I need to revise what I have for a talk I'm giving next month.

In the meantime, I got my author copy of Fan Phenomena: Lord of the Rings last week; it has a chapter on Lothiriel fics in it. I'm also trying to finish up some revisions for a chapter on published fics for the Fan Phenomena: Twilight volume which will come out sometime next year.

I also just got back a list of requested revisions for my Pacific Rim chapter in another book. Begin rant: So last year I was invited to send in an essay on Pacific Rim from my talk at a conference last year, largely because (it seems) the editor wasn't getting enough submissions for his book, and I was like, no big, I HAVE SO MANY FEELS ABOUT MAKO. I sent my essay to this editor back in April. He was supposed to get back to me in June. He writes back to me SATURDAY NIGHT, ie. the end of August. He wants major revisions and he wants them in six weeks, AND he requested them in the snottiest way possible. Like, dude, you're going up for tenure, it's a PITA, DUDE I KNOW HOW IT GOES, but seriously! Get your shit together! I comfort myself thinking if he's pushing it this way then at least that means I won't be stuck in revision hell forever, as some editors who are CLEARLY convinced all their writers are freshmen composers are, but UGH!

I'm also working slowly on Literary History of Fandom; I finished the intro and posted it here under f-lock, and I'm about a third of the way through chapter 1, so it continues apace. I keep revising my chapter outline because I keep thinking of things that need to be added... I do worry if it will end up being more of a historiography than not. But who knows.

I think that's kind of it. I get up in the morning, I make coffee, I sit down at the computer, and I take breaks with the dog. This is life.


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