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A lot of random things

* I've discovered the Grey Havens Group, a Tolkien-centric fan and book group that meets regularly and geeks, and the people there are lovely and nice, and it's the first time that anything about Colorado has seemed remotely homey.

* I have my Age of Ultron tickets: I'm going by myself Friday morning so that I can have a pure experience before going with the Social Group on Saturday.

* I have discovered the Daredevil kink meme and O. M. G.
(Which, someone on there pointed out that Skye and Matt were at the same orphanage, SO!)

* A ridiculous portion of this week has been allocated to sorting out summer travel. I'm going to Banff next month, Montreal and New York in July, *maybe* CO Springs for Mythcon in August. Plane tickets, shuttle tickets, conference hotels, oy.

* I've gotten galleys on two fandom articles that I have dealt with. Links will be available when they are, uh, available.

* Todd has been agent of chaos geek and has helped me acquire a load of new type and furniture that will be moved with my press this summer. I AM SO EXCITE.

* The second meeting of the SF book club I started is this Sunday, and at least half the people have not finished or read the book, despite how I extended the date TWICE (once for an accountant friend who's life was hell prior to April 15 and once because I wanted to go to the Tolkien symposium). We're reading The Just City by Jo Walton, and we had an Australian vote to pick book, and IDEK the malfunction.

I am very tired today. If I seem cranky blame it on that.



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May. 2nd, 2015 03:37 am (UTC)
The Daredevi kink meme is awesome, isn't it? As a super vanilla fan girl, I usually stay far far away from those, but the DD one is so full of gen fic goodness!
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