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Comfy Sunday

Went to see Sin City today, which was gorram awesome! *G* Felt *really* bad for my friend who was meant to see it with me...who ended up lost and in Alexandria instead of Cleveland Park! Eeek!! Anyhow I loved how it looked like a living comic book. Droolworthy photography!! Got tired of all the fake naked boobies (sorry, guys) though. I'll be interested to see the dvd when it comes out as it will show the "full" version of each story...which, um, I think I may have to break down and buy the comics sometime when I have the dollari...

Anyhow it was another beautiful day and comfily quiet and warm. It's such a pain to think of all the stuff I *should* be doing when I just want to do my impression of a feline and nap in the sun. Oh well!

I intend to be Very Good And Studious this week so I can go on a picnic to Assateague on Sunday with a minimum of guilt. So my plan: write EAD assignment, write presentation draft, umm work on research bibliography...yeah.

In the meantime I'm going to watch some more Firefly as I'm going to hand it over to Linda tomorrow (who will watch and then hand over to Andrew's brother who will watch and then hand it back to Andrew...viva la geek chain!).

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