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Posting cracky ridic fluff because so frustrated with the real world.

So, I've been rereading the Outlander books because I've only been able to watch the first ep (I have not had luck with pirates, and I don't have tv), and the fic out there is minimal because Diana Gabaldon hates fanfic. (Actual quote: she thinks fanfic is analogous to child rape. Uh, yeah.) So I got to thinking about what kind of fic would freak her out the most, and I decided it would be the Obligatory Coffeeshop AU. Because why not.

Claire is a med student with a terrible, terrible schedule, so whenever she can she nips to the coffeeshop across the street from the Medical Center. Jamie is the barista there and is his charming, affable, and Scottish self. He always gives her extra coffee with a bit of cheering flirt, and of course Claire is charmed, but she has her boyfriend Frank.

Comes the day Claire loses someone on the job for the first time, and she is distraught. And she walks out in a daze, gravitating towards comfort--which, for some reason, isn't Frank--and into the shop, which is conveniently empty (maybe it's a weekend evening, okay, who knows, only Jamie is there), and Jamie is all, "Usual venti, extra foam, sassenach?" and she bursts out crying and Jamie is all OMG WHAT and overprotective and does he need to beat someone up or something (and this is the first time Claire notices he is totally BUILT for a barista, what even), and she explains, and h/c ensues. He ends up comforting her, shuts down the shop, and gives her a ride home because she is in No Condition to Drive (or take the bus, or wev). (He absolutely has a motorcycle and two helmets.) Anyway so he gives her a ride home and Frank is there and Frank is all What Are You Doing With this Scottish Motorcyclist? and Claire is all He Makes Amazing Coffee and I Love Him!

And Frank shuffles off and Jamie makes the bestest vanilla mochas ever for Claire all the time, the end.

What are you looking at me like that for, I said it was going to be ridic, didn't I?


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Aug. 25th, 2014 10:52 pm (UTC)
Hee! Jamie would definitely have a motorcycle and two helmets. ;) I love this!
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