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Too po' to bitch 'n' moan

Am welshing out on therapy tomorrow as I got another bill, and would like to be able to eat and stuff. I feel sort of guilty cos I'm cancelling at the last minute, and I've got a fair bit of junk on my mind, but I just need the dollari. I know I could go ask my sis for a handout, but I really don't want to. I pride myself on two things: 1) I work like a dog (and I'm as loyal as one...does that make three things then...math so not my subject ;)) and 2) despite my patheticly low circumstances I still keep myself solvent.

Rant warning ahead!!!

Andrew was very moany today. Me being cranky due to daylight savings time and the frustration inherent in dealing with dimbulbs on the metro, obnoxious roomies, and the usual blah, I was not as sympathetic as I'd like to be. Yes, your wife is a psychobitch, that's why I told you not to marry her, and now that you've realized it and are too much of a pussy to divorce her immediately, what do you want me to do?!?!


Oh well, as I like to say, all this shit will be one helluva book some day. And I fully intend on spending the proceeds on a vacation to Santorini involving sinful amounts of baklava. I'm just sayin'.

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