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Kenyon Review Workshop, Day 3

Today was a bit more low-key than previous. I've finally gotten myself into a more or less focused mindset: projects in mine, strategies in place. I spent half the afternoon in the studio marbling sheets and making paste papers for projects to work on tomorrow. Unfortunately, after lunch I started feeling a bit dizzy (dehydrated, I think) and went back to the dorm to take a nap. It helped a little, but I still feel a bit out of it and not great. I did finish my homework though; I opted to skip out on the student readings tonight (I feel guilty, but there will be more nights, plus if I feel like crap and no one's going to miss me then why not).

Anyway, here are some of the marbled papers I made:


I painted them down with some varnish and hopefully will have some smooth, burnished sheets tomorrow.

This morning we also got to visit the Special Collections at Olin Library and look at their collection of artist's books. They also have an exhibit up of the first two volumes of the St. John's Bible (the Heritage fine press edition). The St. John's Bible is a massive seven volume work made by a team of artists to create a medieval volume in the new age--every page of the vellum edition is hand done script and hand done illuminations and art. The fine press edition is on paper but still has hand elements, as with the gold lead illuminations in the capitals, etc. This is the opening of Genesis, with the creation of the world in seven days:


This evening's writing prompt was for a fiction piece, which I spun into a mini-scene from the printerfic:

“It’s a wee bit like dice,” Mitchell said, grabbing a handful of 3em-quads out of my case. “Game o’ chance, if ye like.”

[The reader is invited to remove five 3ems from their own cases. It’s best to play on the imposing stone, but if one is not available, any table will do just fine.]

“Pzzt, pay ‘im no mind, Simmons,” Aaron hissed to me. “He’s asking to get beat bloody--again.” That didn’t surprise me; the man still had the fading bruises from last week’s misadventure and, as I had seen that morning when he rucked up his sleeves, new ones the shapes of violets on his arms.

“I thank thee kindly, Friend,” I said to Mitchell in my best impression of Ben at his Quaker finest, feeling guilty even as I couldn’t help myself, “but I have not the leisure.” Aaron made a small, surprised whuff of amusement across from me, and I smiled to myself.

“As thee likes.” Mitchell bared his teeth at me before he turned back to the press, slipping the 3ems into his pocket. A pity, as I needed them; but I was hardly going to ask for them back.

I thought little enough of the incident the rest of the day, and was congratulating myself on jobs well done when Ben found me at lock-time. “Was’t truly necessary, Friend?”

My stomach plummeted, guilty. “No,” I said. “And--yes? How would you make him go away?” But he had no answer himself.


I was hoping to write some more tonight but I'm not sure I have it in me. It could just be that I'm too tired from the last few days and need some recouping time.

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