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How do adult?

So we have a house. That we like own and stuff.

Almost. The inspection is on Wednesday, and the deal is off if the foundation isn't good and whatnot, but otherwise we have a contract and a down payment set and so forth, and if all goes well we'll close on April 18.

It's a bit of a fixer-upper; it was build in 1968 and only ever had the one owner, who has just gone into assisted living. So the place is worn down and needs to have the floors redone and some fresh paint, and dear gods the kitchen is hideous--it's this TOS Engineering red that has been worn down in bits over the years. No, just no. So once we have the place we're gonna redo the floors and paint a couple rooms, and depending on timeline and cost go ahead and redo the kitchen, or just do the floors and some paint, and THEN move in, and THEN do the kitchen. And then everything else will be in stages over the years.

So other stuff that will need to be done: there's a small, third bedroom that got reconfigured into being a laundry room (there are laundry hook-ups in the basement as well); we'll take those out and that room will be for our yet unconceived spawnling. The basement is pretty big--the size again of the main living areas on the first floor. It used to be finished but was damaged in the flood, so at some point we'll have to fix it up again. What I'd like to do is redo it so it can be like a pair of bedrooms separated by a room divider, and we can use it as guest rooms and later bedrooms for older spawnlings. There's a workshop down there that Scott can have outright; it's separated and consists of counters around the perimeter of the area with lights, and is basically ideal for his mini-painting. There's also an unfinished bathroom--there's a toilet and hookups for a sink but no actual sink (we're not sure if they got halfway through installing or disinstalling or what). On the main floor there is a bath and a half bath that shows its 60sness; it's a pretty horrible yellow/orange/light green combo that also has. got. to. go. But later.

There's a one-car garage that currently is taken up with a big wooden handicap access ramp (that's gonna be super-useful when moving in though); when we are moved in we're going to rip that out, and then we can finish that up and that will be my pressroom: huzzah!! There's an enclosed porch that needs a new door--we can do that before next winter, and then an aging wood deck patio that's fine but a bit worn; we can see to that in a few years. In the front there's a sort of two tiered garden space that's largely gone to weeds and such; we might get to clean that out in the fall, and we've been talking about having a, oh heck I forget what it's called, but a garden that's designed around native plants, so it won't need constant watering and such. And maybe a section for some vegetables, we'll see--I don't quite understand the local growing seasons yet. We have a nice-sized backyard that has a large shed out there--it's about 8x 12 feet or so, maybe it a bit bigger, and is elevated and very clean and light. I suspect it was bought for storage after the flood. I'd like to make it my writing cabin--put in a desk and a light (I think it has one already but I can't remember).

We went to a kitchen store place just to take a look at things and talk to someone. The person there was like, "Here's some papers on how to budget, help you decide what you need and want and so forth. You'll probably need about $30k for this at a minimum." Bwahahaha, NO. We've been looking online and won't have a problem finding a contractor for stuff we can't do ourselves; Scott's dad recently finished a lot of work on his place; his sister did their kitchen for like $10k. We've been playing at houzz.com and found a few designs for space we liked, and mostly just need to find out what the wiring and gas and such situations are and plan from there.

Oy. It's kind of exciting and terrifying all at once. We'll probably end up moving there at the end of May, or June depending on the situation and such. I'd like to aim for being able to have my press around Christmas, but we'll see. I'm *definitely* planning on requesting a puppy as my reward for passing prelims in the fall (cos yeah, adult). So.




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Mar. 1st, 2014 11:57 pm (UTC)
YEAHH!!! Aren't houses great?!
Mar. 2nd, 2014 12:24 am (UTC)
Congrats! Welcome to the wonderfulness of home ownership.

We just celebrated 20 years in ours 2 weeks ago. There's still one room we have done nothing to. It's our bathroom and no one ever sees it except us. It's now starting to bother me so that one will get done soon. When I have the time and money.

*throws confetti*
Mar. 2nd, 2014 03:15 am (UTC)
That's great news, congrats! *high fives you* Home ownership can't be beat, IMO. I love my little house, even though it's still a WIP. *pats it lovingly*

Mar. 2nd, 2014 09:59 am (UTC)
Oooh congrats! Will sit and be rather jealous of you now :DDD
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