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Flailing Flailiness

Had a meeting with my history advisor this am, which I'd been anxious about over the weekend (for no real reason, it's only I'm a total spaz). Anyway it went really well and I'll be sitting in on her early modern course in addition to her book history course in addition to my bid to try to understand things.

(** So much reading about Aristotle!! Is it wrong that at this point I've read more ABOUT Aristotle than OF Aristotle???? Should I read some Aristotle to not be totally ignorant??? THIS IS WHY I AM A SPAZ!)

She added more readings, not surprisingly, and I don't mind, because again, I want to understand things, but also-- HEY REMEMBER THAT MONTH OVER THE SUMMER WHERE MY WHOLE COMMITTEE SHARED MY LIST BACK AND FORTH AND I STILL ENDED UP WITH EIGHT MORE BOOKS THAN I'M TECHNICALLY SUPPOSED TO HAVE! So yeah, add to that!!

I want to be a good puppy, I just don't want to be an overworked puppy. Well, okay, I invented overworked puppy, but still.



In Christmas news we're staying in Colorado and will fly my Mom in to visit in January, because we just got the apartment properly moved into and I don't want to hunt for catsitters or leave the furbabies at a kennel because that would really freak them out. So we'll be lazy and then go visit Scott's family and I'll provide pudding and crackers because of my deepset desire to pretend to be British.

I had ambitions of making awesome Solstice cards to send out this year and then I remembered I have no artistic talent and I got over it. But I am going to be working on some journals for Certain People because bookbinding. Ideally I will Get Really Good at it and then I can give them to people besides those who will accept prezzies from me cos aw me.

(Seriously, this is why all I've ever done for years is writing, because that's the one thing I can do.)

Sideways, I've only been writing little bits of things--I got 11k on my NaNo project which is better than nothing. Kinda convinced everything is crap. I know I just need to get in the habit. I also think I just need to find the Perfect Writing Spot.

Like I said, pointless spazzy rambling. Thanks, folks, I'll be here all week.


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Dec. 11th, 2013 02:51 am (UTC)
You're excellent at writing!

also, the way to get personalized cards is to either contract out the bits you can't do to friends who can, or shamelessly raid the Internet for pretty art. :D

PS Aristotle is a dick.
Dec. 11th, 2013 02:59 am (UTC)

Yeah, you know, I tried to commission cards from Todd who was all, "You should make cards yourself!" because he doesn't understand that not all of us can be ridic artsy people. Sigh.

I'm trying to remember what the 5 pages of Nicomachean Ethics I read in high school were about. But seriously, I read like 90 pages yesterday and today about Italian humanists and Aristotle and it's like, to legitimately understand early modern culture shouldn't I not only know what they thought about Aristotle but also what he thought???

(Note: this is why 2/3 of my list is what English people think about English people. Because I've read the English people. Bwaaaaaah.)
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