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Two Links and a Poem

I've been meaning to share these, and I keep forgetting.

*My TWC article with all my thinkie thoughts on Steve/Tony fandom was published last month: The Creation and Evolution of  the Avengers and Captain America/Iron Man Fandom.

*Todd and I did an article on the Martin exhibit for College and Research Libraries News that went online this week: How We Brought 3,000 People to the Library....With the Help of Mr. George R. R. Martin.


I've been working on my poetry-writing skills, such as they are, after having made the acquaintance of a lovely young English poet named Maria who I decided to adopt/kidnap for the better part of June. (Look, I was in Texas, I have an inarguable personality....mostly I just drag people along and they get Stockholm Syndromed into liking me, ask anyone.) I have been failing at writing fiction for the last few weeks and putting together poems is about as best as I can do. Anyhow, here's one I wrote tonight that I am pleased with:

falls like diamonds
--small bright drops
on the sidewalk.
Summer heat splits
cloud-dark sky
with bolts of lightning
whose fall to earth
is as silent
as God's humor.


Anyway, that's me. I'm living in a hotel in Colorado for the next month, to the bemusement of our kitties. Except for next week, when I'm going to Rare Book School.

I am adjusting to things slowly. Right now I just feel constantly exhausted. Stupid high altitude. Hopefully I'll be a more useful correspondent soon.


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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 4th, 2013 10:02 pm (UTC)
Yeaaaaaah that was an error; it was supposed to say he committed to return two years ago, and somehow that half of a sentence got deleted in the press. Todd's writing them about a correction in the next issue.
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