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Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

All of the spoilers, you guys. ALL OF THEM.

Okay, so I remember a couple years ago saying that I imagined if they ever redid Wrath of Khan they’d want to do it like XMFC, where they have Kirk and Khan as kind of mirror images in an alliance before they fall out.



Seriously, actually, I think they read a lot of our fics because good goddamn were there a lot of tropes and stuff they made use of—including that whole death-fic “no one’s gonna leave this captain to die on his own bit.” With bonus visual and literary parallelism.

Now, I didn’t think they’d actually keep Kirk dead because man did they hand-wave the KHAN’S BLOOD HAS MAGIC HEALING GUYS, plus his death was just in the wrong place to be the real emotional climax. Although dear Zachary Quinto, you cry so pretty, boy.

I will admit to multiple quibbles. The Klingon thing was just…weird. Why the hell is Peter Weller worried about war with the Klingons when Nero nerfed their fleet a year previously? (BTW I double-checked, the film takes place one year post-Reboot.) Easy enough for the Federation to offer some aid and co-opt some shit, yo. Also, notice the blasted moon just off Kronos—was that s’posed to be Praxis? Any ideas on that? They needed there to be Klingons for fake politics but wouldn’t it have been way more interesting and in line with the previous film to go with Romulan Neutral Zone, or hell, New Vulcan?

Also, Leonard Nimoy’s cameo. Did not expect that. I HAVE SO MANY FEELS.

*ahem again*

Racefail Redux. Benedict Cumberbatch, you’re so fucking white. Brown Guy Suicide Bomber (Hi Mickey! Bye Mickey!), why are you such a cliché? Thank GOD they gave Uhura some shit to do. I do love my Zoe but she cannot fix all these problems herself, JJ, seriously!

That said, Cumberbatch was bamf if strangely robotic. He would go from 0 to rage very Quinto-Spock style, which could be parallelism or bad writing. Either or.

I’m trying to repress the urge to read the initial bombing at the “Kelvin Memorial Archives” as more than it likely was. That said, the idea of destroying history through the alternate reality and the bombing is pretty fascinating. Will have to go again, but there’s also a line early on where Kirk points out the problems of bombing a library because it’s “not a real target.” Way to kind of glance at how we value: Public information/education/heritage.

Section 31. I knew that was gonna come up the second it was brought up in the comics, but it wasn’t brought to a logical conclusion. For one thing, in the comics we know Sulu was brought in as a member but that doesn’t come up in the film—I kept waiting for him to have to do a double-cross or something. Was it just me or were there bits where he WAS looking at different info and such on his screens?

All that said, this film felt MUCH tighter than the first. It was interesting to see that my speculations about the enhanced militarization of Starfleet in the alternate reality was way confirmed, and they did some interesting things with it, but it was really only tied in with the previous events of the film through the Kelvin Archives (blink-and-you’ll-miss-that-reference) and Kirk’s speech at the end. But the Starfleet formal uniforms look really…well…kinda Nazi-like to me, or at the very least highly Star Wars Empire-esque, all gray and black and angular. It made me uncomfortable.

(Also, the Captain’s Oath is the intro “boldly go”? That’s not an oath so much as a …mission statement, really. But okay, sure, why not.)

And my brain just popped. I forget what else I had on my mind. Bones had some great lines though and was always henpecking Jim, which of course made me happy.

So yeah, much like the first film I had a number of reservations going in and came out pleased. Oh, there were also some nice TOS call-back references to Harry Mudd and the Gorn, and Christine Chapel comes up for a millisecond. (Way to keep dismissing women, JJ. Jesus.) I’m very curious to see how this is all gonna come to play in fandom.


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May. 16th, 2013 03:13 pm (UTC)
I considered not reading this for about half a second, but like that was going to happen. I feel a lot better about seeing this movie now; I will think of everything I like as your fanfic and whatever I don't as JJ's fuckery. :D

May. 17th, 2013 03:41 am (UTC)
Re: ****

I need to go track down my bits of one of my abandoned fic WIPs from years ago, where Kirk finds the Botany Bay and recognizes it through the memories from spock Prime's mind-meld, then pre-emptively blows it up--and has to deal with the ramifications of having 1) killed a bunch of innocent(?) people for what they might have done, esp. when he 2) survived Tarsus. I never finished it because a lot of it was going to be told through the trial on Earth and I never got around to doing the legal research.

I can't wait to hear what you think about the movie, bb!!!!
May. 16th, 2013 10:09 pm (UTC)
Yes. Again, 100% agreement. 1000% agreement.
May. 17th, 2013 03:46 am (UTC)
May. 17th, 2013 01:49 pm (UTC)
I think dear Bendyboo Cumberbun's weird temper was supposed to play up on how volatile Khan is/was? He tends to play characters like that (Sherlock, anyone?), so I'm thinking it was on purpose but not as well done as it could have been on the part of the writers, if nothing else.

Yeah, I wish they'd known they were going to do the bit with Klingons in the first movie so they could at least have said something like "all this shit with Nero on top of what's going down with the Klingons..." to kind of set up for it at least a teensy bit. Or, alternatively, since they did as I recall hint that Nero was kind of the turning point for trying to militarize Starfleet, mention why Romulans weren't therefore being seen as much of a threat as opposed to the Klingons. Just...not very well set up, imo. :C

Haven't been keeping up with the comics so I wasn't really expecting the Section 31 bit, but re: library's aren't important: I think Kirk/JJ's point when they said that was a library isn't really important MILITARILY. If Khan's trying to takeover/destroy Starfleet, why not a base, the Academy, etc? (I thought they set the library up as Section 31 pretty well, since when they called it a library I was wondering why it looked like they were doing non-library things in the spot Token Black Guy went. Speaking of Token Black Guy: while they did make him the bomber - which ugh, JJ, honey no - at least he was being forced into it because of his daughter rather than them playing him off as one of Khan's cronies. Although I wonder why they only revived Khan? How did they know he was the bossman? I mean I guess it was on his pod or whatever but idk. It bothers me a lot.)

I definitely agree about the formal uniforms being a really weird costume choice. They looked snazzy, but then imo the Nazis had good style, for a bunch of evil antisemitic assholes. >.> ALTHOUGH. Since we were talking about the militarization of Starfleet, maybe that was on purpose? Maybe in the next film they'll be more of a throwback to the formals worn in TOS? Like 'now that we're not going to be crazy military people we can have FUN COLORS but no less discomfort on our part because they're still formal (DAMMIT JIM).'
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