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Everyone is So Small..

Went with my Mom to help set up the book fair at Eastanollee Elementary today. It's a completely different location and type of building than what I attended (the original elem. was in this high school from like the early part of the century that my Mom actually attended), but a lot of the teachers were the same, just older. Here are some funny things about going to an elementary school when you're a grown-up:

1) Everyone is so small. Even the teachers.

2) You have to be extra extra extra careful about your language. And stuff.

3) Lunch ladies are still scary.

4) Did I mention how small everyone is? I mean they really are!

With me helping we got everything up pretty quick. Mom says they'd usually be done around 5pm and when I was there we were done by 2. Mostly the hard stuff involved sorting big boxes of books by subject/age level and then the boxes of junky stuff (coloring books, dinky toys, cards, that sort of thing). I put together a bunch of display things, including two for A Series of Unfortunate Events. Big things this year seem to be The Adventures of Junie B. (no idea what that is really), The Adventures of Desperaux (which was awesome!), and a book about a dog onboard the Titantic because apparently bad things aren't really bad without worrying about a fluffy white dog. The absolute hardest thing was putting up the display posters up with this wax roll-on thing and they kept wanting to fall down.

But in repayment for my work I got two books for free: Ella Enchanted and Inkheart which I'm all pleased about. *G*

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