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Went to see it Friday night and have been mulling it over since. I actually liked it way more than I was expecting to; I can't stand Tom Hanks and the idea of a three hour flick with him in different roles kinda squicked me despite the gorgeous trailer. But Scott and one of our friends wanted to see it, so see it we did.

All of the reviews I've read thus far have emphasized that the good and great parts of it outweigh the not-so-good-parts of it, and this is true. I really wish they could have gotten a better set of actors to recycle for the six different stories; as it was part of my mind was always playing a parlor game of "spot who's in ridiculous make-up" more than sitting back to enjoy the show. I really wish they could have gotten some genuine chameleons like Enver Gjokaj (he was one of the only actors on Dollhouse who could believably play like forty different people) rather than Big Names, but so it goes. That said, and teeny spoiler alert, Keith David was in a live-action movie and lived til the end every time, BE STILL MY HEART! <3 I will say that they did get Tom Hanks to reel it in most of the time, but when they didn't it was just painful and irritating (but maybe that's what they were going for). I was rather surprised that all of Hugh Grant's parts were small, and that Jim Broadbent got to be the star of one story.

So the stories themselves. Unsurprisingly, I liked the futuristic science fiction ones the best. The 2012 story is a comedy but I didn't realize that for quite a while because none of the others are, and kept waiting for something horrible to happen. The historical ones were, I thought, the weakest, and I wasn't quite sure why some things were happening in them aside from the fact that the narrative "needed" them to. Maybe I have to read the book to sort that out. (Confession: I bought the book to read before the semester started and got two parts in; I wasn't entirely convinced of the different voices which made it easy to put down. I'll try picking it up again at break if possible.) I did like all the different ways they were tied together: in some cases by location, in some thematically; in all cases, characters reference one of the previous texts. I enjoyed that as a narrative carry-through.

I have mixed feelings for how they handled the race and gender elements; to reuse the same cast you end up doing some racebending, essentially, and ditto with gender. I kind of like how they did that, but at the same time I wish, again, they could have had a stronger cast to really make it work. Hugo Weaving in Neo-Seoul looked like a Romulan.

Basically, if you're sitting on the fence about this one, go on and check it out. It is visually spectacular (much more so than the vaunted Prometheus, which only had one genuinely beautiful sequence) and well worth it for that. It'll also give you food for thought for quite a while. So.


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Oct. 28th, 2012 09:58 pm (UTC)
*makes a note*
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