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All the Flailing!!

Edward James Olmos was speaking at the University tonight for Hispanic Heritage Month. He was amazing!!!!!!!!!! I had brought some stuff to get signed but it then my friend and I had to leave because it was getting later than we meant to stay....either he went over or the event was longer than advertised...basically we snuck out at Q&A but it was also clear from the room set-up that they likely weren't going to let him loose on the crowd...

...mostly because after he did some feel-good yay!Hispanics! stuff he went all left-political...here. And it was awesome. The event was centered around the Hispanic audience, which made sense, but at the same time was kind of a bummer because I was one of maybe eight non-Hispanics in a room of ~100+. And then Olmos started talking about the human race and gave a nod to us BSG fans in the audience by starting a revving "So Say We All!" which...maybe ten or twelve people delivered on? Me and the eight year old in the row ahead of us were the most enthusiastic there... >_> I think maybe they under-advertised the event as they knew he would start stumping. He got the one black kid in the audience to come onstage and mimic being Jesus and got people to think about why Jesus--an African Jew from two thousand years ago--is portrayed as a skinny white guy. Then he said he as a Mormon even had to acknowledge why do people assume that God is the Father rather than the Mother? Then he started talking about this thing about the banks forging names (I hadn't heard this?) and some guy started arguing with him, and he started stumping for Proposition 38 for funding for public schools. And the importance of education, and just, <3

So no autographs for me, but I don't mind.

I think my favorite quote tonight was where he said he felt the most important thing was to give more than you have received. Which, just yes. <3


And because we all need a laugh, the lovely treksnoopy found this:

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