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...what they do is get rid of the books. Seriously. My mother was a children's librarian at Eastanollee Elementary School in Toccoa, Georgia for twenty-seven years, and the first thing they did when she left was they started throwing books away. They started with the non-fiction: anything over ten years old had to go. This sounds like a good idea until you realize that that doesn't just encompass things that are constantly changing like recent history, geography, and science, but things that seldom do, like dictionaries, books about mythology, biographies of people long dead (the debate about whether Lincoln was gay is unlikely to matter much in a book written for a five year old), histories of Georgia, all that stuff.

Now they're hitting the fiction too. They've started throwing away all the children's books that aren't explicitly Accelerated Reading-related (a bullshit program, see this) and anything they didn't want to read (Catch-22: they were required to read X number AR books so they didn't have time to read for fun anyway): so basically, thousands and thousands of books got thrown away. They got rid of all of the Story Collection--which is EVERY SINGLE BOOK OF STORIES. Bye bye, Brothers Grimm. See ya later, Hans Christian Anderson. No Christmas stories, no Br'er Rabbit, nada.

Oh by the way, did I mention the time Mom got in trouble for writing the library's mission statement because she said people could find books for "education and pleasure"--and the PTB had a fit about the term "pleasure", because who wants THAT in reading material??

Oh I fucking hate people. I'm going to try to get Mom to write to the ALA and if she doesn't I might myself. Fuckers.

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